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Center in Motion is an association of choreographers. Is a proposal to build new opportunities for creative development. We have created it and are leading it ourselves. It is built from within, from our needs, from the centre. Centrum w Ruchu is an encouragement to reach for more, to resist being a hostage of the project/grant system. Centrum w Ruchu is meant to stimulate the development of the dance and performing arts community, to expand the visibility of these art forms in the cultural landscape of Warsaw. Center in Motion was created in March 2012. It is our response to the current situation, to the lack of dance spaces, which are necessary in order to develop dance work, lead workshops and nurture the dance scene. Although our individual interests and choreographic languages may differ, we’ve decided to stick together and provoke change.
Center in Motion is a space for the performing arts in Warsaw, Poland which was founded through the initiative of the Burdąg Foundation. It is located in a former secondary school, currently occupied by the Wawer Cultural Centre (Wawerskie Centrum Kultury). The space is used for rehearsals, workshops and open work-in-progress showings, which invite the audience to participate in an open dialogue about dance.
Center in Motion offers free workshops for the local community and professionals, as well as open shows of „work in progress”.

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