Action Is Primary / Warsaw

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Action Is Primary / Warsaw

Concept: Meg Foley
Choreography and performance: Maria Stokłosa

Duration: approx. 45 min

Action is Primary is an improvisational practice of Philadelphia based choreographer Meg Foley. Foley has been developing, practicing, and researching it since 2010. Action is primary is a mode of making in the moment that examines how attention, imagination, embodied presence, and the ghosts of our choices tumble through form (our form, the dance’s form) in a constant play of regeneration and falling inwards and spilling out. Based in intensive physical practice with the body as the constant, the beginning, and the end point, action is primary engages a potential undoing, redoing, multiplying, and re-defining of self as material that is queer, feminist, radical research and performance. It is a practice of simultaneous declaration and questioning of being seen, and where power, ownership, authorship, and interpretation lie there. Can we simultaneously engage in self-determined research and build something together with our fullest, perhaps contradictory, and most multiple selves (as many as we want)?

With the intention of ͞holding what you are doing at the center of what you are doing, even as you let it slip towards new centers,͟ action is primary involves a structured score of tactics to rigorously practice paying attention:

Single focus, multiple body


Authentic melodrama


Talking – about what you are doing, about what you see, about what you want us to see

All five at once

The experience of navigating these tactics and the degrees of intention and responsiveness in doing so are the choreographic gesture. Originally a solo practice, Action Is primary has been performed as a solo, duet or a quartet form.

Maria Stoklosa has been intensely involved in the practice since October 2015. In April 2016 Action is Primary was presented as an exhibition and a series of live performances created by Foley and three collaborating performers: Kristel Baldoz, Maria Stokłosa, and Annie Wilson. The exhibition was curated by Marissa Perel and facilitated by Jeanine Durning and was presented at the Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts in Philadelphia (US).

Wychodząc od działania – Action Is Primary is a solo performance of Maria Stoklosa. It’s goal is to continue the research and development of this practice with the respect and understanding of the original structure and at the same time allowing change in values and aesthetical interests. In the frame of Action is Primary Stoklosa cultivates her life long relationship with dance improvisation.

  • Where: Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury Elektoralna 12, 00-139 Warszawa
  • Start at: 20:30
  • Day: 2016.9.22
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