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Centre in the Process
work-in-progress showings

The work-in-progress showings are presentations of choreographic work, which is still in the process of creation. They are shown during various stages of development- the earliest phases of the choreographic process, the findings of pre-process research, more developed fragments or a sketch of the whole performance. It can also be an experiment, which tests a specific idea. These meetings give the opportunity to learn how the choreographic material functions when confronted with the spectator and give the chance to speak to the audience- to learn how the choreography affects them, what it communicates, what questions it evokes. The combination of showing and discussion permits the audience to enter the still indetermined space of the artistic process, to see and experience the work at a stage where it can still develop in different directions, to hear the questions that are essential to the specific choreographic process and the methods which these questions suggest. The presentantations at Centrum w Ruchu are combined with an open discussion moderated by an array of different arts professionals invited by the members of Centrum w Ruchu. It is an invitation to the shared practice of looking, hearing and speaking about choreography. About the experience that the given work proposes and how we position ourselves in relationship to this proposal. We care about hearing the audience’s voices. About connecting to their inteligence and sensitivity and engaging in a mutual dialogue so that interaction, in a variety of forms, may become a part of the performances that we create. On the other hand, supporting exchange within the dance community is also something that we search for, believing that that is a crucial element of the community’s development and strength. In the frame of the Centrum w Ruchu work-in-progress showings we fulfill both these aims. Our desire is for these meetings to be a stepping stone in constructing a language in which we can speak about experimental choreography.
  • The project is financed by the City of Warsaw. zakochaj-sie-w-warszawie
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