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Europe. Inquiry

Choreography/ Execution: Magda Jędra, Weronika Pelczyńska, Iza Szostak
Dramaturgy: Agata Szczęśniak<br/>Lights: Karolina Gębska
Scenography: Wojciech Pustoła
Producer: Komuna//Warszawa
Premiere: 11 July 2014
Duration: 50 min
Performance is part of “The Future of Europe” cycle.
The project is sup­ported by the Min­istry of Cul­ture and National Her­itage and the Office of the Cap­i­tal City War­saw, with the sup­port of the Foun­da­tion Bur­dąg Cen­tre in Move­ment, Cap­i­tal City Dis­trict Office Wawer Warsaw.  

Poland: 24 thou­sand second-hand shops.
Europe: 120 thou­sand cloth­ing com­pa­nies.
World: 4 mil­lion hands sewing clothes in Bangladesh.
Three artists invite the audi­ence to visit a gigan­tic Euro­pean thrift shop full of second-hand fan­tasies and worn out dreams about the future. The artists use this col­lage of impro­vi­sa­tion and net­work of vis­i­ble and invis­i­ble con­nec­tions to ana­lyze the rela­tions between the far, the global and the per­sonal. They per­for­ma­tively inves­ti­gate the future of Europe. How expen­sive are joint actions? How can a part­ner turn into an obsta­cle? When do the val­ues turn into obsessions?
This per­for­mance tells the story about unex­pected con­se­quences of joint work, of col­lec­tive actions, of how the haven turns into a form of oppres­sion, and how the scary turns into the funny.

The per­for­mance uses the date pro­vided by the Asia Mon­i­tor Resource Cen­tre and War on Want avail­able at and

Upcoming performances:

12.05.2018, Komuna Warszawa, ul. Lubelska 30/32, 00-001 Warszawa
18.05.2018, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, ul. Rajska 12, 31-124 Kraków
  • Where: Komuna Warszawa, ul. Lubelska 30/32, 00-001 Warszawa; Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, ul. Rajska 12, 31-124 Kraków