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Karol Tymiński

Karol Tyminski is a Berlin based Polish performer and choreographer. He is a graduate from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels and Warsaw Ballet School, and a co-founder of the Centre in Motion – Choreographers Workspace in Warsaw. In his works Tyminski presents a performer as a vessel that can be filled with any idea or story. His characters oscillate between different roles, femininity, masculinity, or even beyond sexual definition. Developing his choreographic language, Tyminski deviates from the formal aspects and explores the very physicality of the performer’s body, almost at a tissue-level. He aims to speak about human condition, reaching the emotional side of a performer by penetrating his physicality. These activities are often close to ritualistic experiences as was demonstrated in his earlier piece “Beep, which presented at ImPulsTanz Festival 2014 was called by Helmut Ploebst „one of the most radical and exciting performances in recent years”. In 2015 Tyminski started his collaboration with Icelandic Dance Cony creating „Liminal” which became part of the company’s repertoire. Among other works created by Karol are: „This is a musical” (2015), „Play. Ground.” (2015), „Pussy” (2014), E-Sound (2014), „1, 2, 1 Test” (2014), „Beep” (2013), „Doll House” (2011), „Orlando” (2008), „Crete for C” (2006). Tyminski since year 2013 is one of the artists supported by European Network Advancing Performing Arts Project (APAP). During his career the artist received support also from Open Latitude, European Commission, Stary Browar Nowy Taniec, ImpulsTanz, Cialo/Umysl Foundation, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Institute of Music and Dance, Theater Institute of Poland, Movement Research, Mica Moca, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Burdag Foundation and the President of Radom City.
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