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Director and choreographer: Iza Szostak
Dramaturg: Anka Herbut
Scenography, video, and costumes: Karolina Mełnicka, Stachu Szumski
Music: Kuba Słomkowski
Lights: Michał Głaszczka
Creation and performance: Kamila Banasiak, Magda Jędra, Tatiana Kamieniecka, Maciej Hązła, Jan Niemczyk, Dominik Rybiałek
Stage manager: Jolanta Skawina
PRIV, developed in collaboration with the Aleksander Fredro Theatre in Gniezno.

PRIV is an experiment on privacy – extending and negotiating its frontiers. Private, public and digital realms mingle and create a stock of images, sounds, gestures and words. The artists examine how technologies affect our close and distant relations, profiles, privacy settings, identity, physicality, the rules of emotionality.

Blogs, vlogs, Facebook, Snapchat make us dissolve in a gigantic cloud of data recycled by provoking the stage fittings for bodily and mental abilities and patterns.

PRIV is a collage structure of six bodies trying to catch up. Six modes of exposure and sensibility exhibited by language, choreography, and image.

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