The Water Queen

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The Water Queen

  • fot. Bartosz Górka
  • Królowa Wody
Concept/choreography/participation: Maria Stokłosa, Katarzyna Sztarbała, Mateusz Kowalczyk, and Łukasz Kos
Technical support: Agata Wiedro
Light: Michał Głaszczka
Production: Ewa Kędziora, Aleksandra Zdunek / Fundacja Burdąg w ramach projektu “Centrum w Procesie”
Co-production: Anna Kobierska, Olga Kozińska / U-Jazdowski w ramach wystawy “Inne Tańce”
Curator of the exhibition “Other dances”: Agnieszka Sosnowska
Substantive support: Robert Steijn i Ricardo Rubio, Ponderosa Tanzland Festival 2018

The Water Queen is a shamanic improvisational practice, in which three artists with different experiences meet to discover and practice modern magic. Their intention stems from being in need of a change (in themselves, in others, in relationships with others, in this country, on this planet). Their efforts are accompanied by The Water Queen, and suffering arising from helplessness motivates their action. In this practice, indeterminacy, fun as well as making a fool of oneself play an important role, but so do hard facts, conscious presence, and placing oneself in a precise place. By asking the audience for help, the artists attempt to believe (again) in the causative power of art – ritual, which radiates onto the entire community, far beyond the narrow circle of recipients.

For the past three years, the artistic practice of Maria Stokłosa has focused on physical improvisation built on tasks. In her latest work, it is not the choreographer’s actions or attention that take centre stage, but her intention. To partake in the project, the artist invited cultural manager and performer Katarzyna Sztarbała and Mateusz Kowalczyk – “The Polish Shaman,” this year’s graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and director Łukasz Kos .

With her body, The Queen risks as well as makes relationships with others. She goes deeper while remaining on the surface. She first works, then judges. She utilizes the audience. Thanks to their presence, the show expands and spreads.

The work would not have been possible without the support of Robert Steijn, Ricardo Rubio, and Sodia Zupanc Lotker.

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